ATD's Employee Learning Week (ELW) allows companies and chapters to demonstrate their commitment to talent development. During the week, ATD Appalachia will remind employee about the learning and development opportunities they can access through our offerings!

Employee Learning Week is Wild and Wonderful!

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Discover the ATD Talent Capability Model

Day One - Developing Professional (part 1)

Part of our celebration for ELW 2023 is to take you through ATD's Talent Development Capability Model and share some resources to assist in developing you in EACH of the capabilities!

Today we start with the Developing Professional Capability with a look at the first four topics:

Learning Sciences:
Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development in Changing Times

Instructional Design:
Foundations of Instructional Design - ADDIE

Training Delivery & Facilitation:
Use Your Facilitation Skills to Become a Better Leader

Technology Application:
Looking Under the Hood of Your LMS

Day Two - Developing Professional (part 2)

Day 2 of exploring the ATD's Talent Development Capability Model and we are continuing with the Developing Professional Capability.

Check out the remaining four areas that fall under Developing Professional and some resources to grow your skills!

Knowledge Management:
Take Measured Steps to Manage Knowledge

Career & Leadership Development:
Unleash and Build Leadership Capabilities

Train Managers How to Effectively Coach Their Teams

Evaluating Impact:
Get Started on Learning Analytics: Ask These Five Questions

Day Three - Impacting Organizational (part 1)

For day 3, we are showcasing our next capability which is: Impacting Organizational Capability.

Check out the resources below to explore the first four topics under this capability:

Business Insight:
Disruption Is Here Now

Consulting & Business Partnering:
Filling the Value Gap: 3 Steps to Strengthen Your Relationship With the C-Suite

Organization Development & Culture:
The (Un)intentional Hybrid Culture

Talent Strategy & Management:
A Road Map for Upskilling and Reskilling

Day Three - Impacting Organizational (part 1)

Day Four - Impacting Organizational (part 2)

Check out the final 2nd half of topics under this capability:

Performance Improvement:
Top 5 Consulting Skills for Trainers

Change Management:
When It Comes to Change, Get Employees Off the Sidelines

Data Analytics:
Tell A Story With Complex Data

Future Readiness:
It's Time to Co-Evolve People and Technology

Day Five - Building Personal

For the final post in this series, we are focusing on the Building Personal Capability!

Check out our curated resources for you below:

Customized Messaging Leads to Increased Attendance

Emotional Intelligence & Decision Making:
Building Trust in Uncertain Times

Collaboration & Leadership:
Overcoming the “Feedback Trifecta” to Communicate Better as a Leader

Cultural Awareness & Inclusion:
Accessibility Is a Priority, Not a Sacrifice

Project Management:
Riding the Bicycle As You Build It

Compliance & Ethical Behavior:
Ethical Thinking Isn’t Automatic

Lifelong Learning:
Update Your Mental Map to Thrive

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