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Big Changes Coming Soon!

Over the past few years, our chapter has grown both in numbers and geographic diversity. We now have just as many members from outside West Virginia as inside the state. The board made the decision several weeks ago to rebrand by choosing a name that wasn't specific to a single state. We have narrowed down the possible names to a handful of choices, but we want your help in choosing the final name. If you are a current ATD WV member, please take 30 seconds and vote for your favorite! The survey will be open until May 31st. 

ATD WV Name Change Survey

ATD WV needs a bigger trophy cabinet!

The ATD West Virginia Chapter is pleased to announce that we received two significant awards from ATD this week.

The first award is the 2023 ATD Chapter Excellence Award for Net Joint Membership Growth - Small Chapters. This award is presented to chapters with less than 100 members, who have had the greatest increase in joint (Power) members nationwide over the previous year. Our chapter grew our joint members by 133% in 2022!

The second award is the 2023 ATD Power Membership Award - Small Chapters, Third Place. This award is presented to the top three chapters of under 100 members which have the highest percentage overall of joint (Power) members. Our chapter ended 2022 with 81% of our members being joint ATD members. 

While it may sound a little cliché, truly these awards are a reflection of our members, and we are very proud of each and every member that helped us achieve both of these significant recognitions. Both awards provided the chapter with a cash award which will be utilized for future chapter initiatives. Each award was also sent with a letter from ATD President Tony Bingham. You can see read each of these letters on our Chapter Recognitions page. 

Congratulations to each and every member of the ATD West Virginia Chapter, without each and every one of you, neither of these recognitions would have been possible. 

A Surprise for ATDWV from Gov. Justice

The ATD West Virginia Chapter got a special "birthday card" from Gov. Jim Justice in honor of our 55th Birthday on March 14th, 2023. The proclamation from Gov. Justice shares a brief history of our chapter starting from our time as the ASTD Kanawha Valley Chapter and talks about our growth into a chapter that supports not only talent development professionals in the state of West Virginia, but our surrounding communities and our students.

We are very thankful to Gov. Justice for the kind honor with this proclamation, and excited to have his help in kicking of our 55th year of service. We're excited to celebrate this significant milestone along with you in the year ahead!

ATD WV Achieves CARE PLUS for 2023!

Every ATD chapter is given benchmarks and goals that they are challenged to achieve in order to be considered a quality ATD Chapter. These benchmarks are known as CARE (Chapter Affiliation REquirements.) Chapters are also given a series of stretch goals which raise the stakes above and beyond the benchmark known as CARE PLUS. We're proud to share with our members that our chapter has achieved this significant milestone, and we have been given this special CARE PLUS insignia to display for the year. We could not have achieved this significant honor without each and every member, and we want to thank you all for supporting our chapter's efforts!

Upcoming Events

    • Thursday, June 15, 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online via Zoom

    Results through Relationship Intelligence with Michael Brown

    June 15, 2023

    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    Learn How to Build Agile Teams Where Relationships Thrive

    Doesn’t it seem like some managers and teams make “it” happen, no matter what “it” is? Even in uncertainty or times of crisis, they find a way to turn opposition into opportunity. They transform the stumbling blocks of conflict and misunderstanding into stepping stones for success.

    For these high-achievers, building collaborative relationships is priority one. Whether in-person or dispersed, they understand that members of their teams can go further together than they can alone. The good news is that you, too, can leverage the power of relationships and drive results.

    What You Will Learn During the Webinar:

    ■ How to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of individual motives and strengths
    ■ The ability to tailor communication-based on individual motives and preferences
    ■ Understand diverse personalities and how that can trigger conflict
    ■ Discover your strengths and deploy them at the right time for the right reason for greater effectiveness

    Before the WebinarThe SDI 2.0

    *A link to a complimentary SDI 2.0 assessment will be sent to you upon registration.

    Core Strengths® is powered by the Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0). This award-winning, scientifically validated assessment provides four views of a person. It reveals why they do what they do, and how they relate to others. Using Relationship Intelligence (RQ), the SDI 2.0 provides a common language for understanding what’s important to the people on your teams, and how they can work together more effectively. It provides tools for choosing the right strengths to make the right decisions, even in high-stakes situations.

    About our presenter

    Michael Brown has spent over 10 years consulting, training, and implementing transformational leadership programs for senior-leaders at organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Goodwill, and Hershey, to name a few. Michael is also an author, executive coach, and keynote speaker, addressing audiences from 50 to 2000 leaders.

    To ensure he can meet the unique needs and business objectives of his clients, Michael is certified in several industry-leading programs and assessments, including the SDI 2.0 and Core Strengths.

    Michael holds a B.A. and a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Lead- ership from Seton Hall University. He is the author of Fellowship: Servant Leaders Serving Leaders, which helps managers quickly strengthen relationships with their team members to serve their growth and development. He also served as an Emotional Intelligence adjunct instructor at the University of Arkansas.

    Michael makes divots in fairways in his spare time, tries to fly fish and mountain bikes – all while coaching his kids’ world championship soccer teams (okay, they might not be world champions yet).

    • Wednesday, June 28, 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
    • Via Zoom (Link provided to registrants.)

    “Unleashing Potential: Innovation in Learning, Talent Development, and HR

    WEDNESDAY, June 28, 2023
    6:00 - 7:15pm


                   Graham Glass, MS             Yelena Mammadova, Ed.D.

                    Cypher Learning                        McKinsey & Co.

                   Jason Gulya, Ph.D.                Nabeel Ahmad, Ph.D.

                    Berkeley College     


    ATD  West Virginia is proud to participate in the ATD Regional Webinar Series.

    This collaboration of 8 ATD chapters (including West Virginia, Central PA, Greater Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island, & New York City.) is bringing together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content. 

    We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2023!

    About This Event

    Imagine interacting with a learning program that is personalized just for you based on the skills you didn't even know you wanted to focus on. Or having access to data that helps you create a world-class program in half the time as it did a year ago. This is all now within reach with tools like AI, VR, and ChatGPT; but is the potential of these technologies being fully realized in the non-tech space? 

    Please join us for this exciting panel discussion where we will flex our “future readiness” muscle and explore how these cutting-edge tools are being applied in the world of Learning, Talent Development, and HR.

    About Our Presenters:  

    • Graham Glass, MS is the CEO and founder of CYPHER Learning, offering game-changing training and learning solutions for businesses, education institutions, and entrepreneurs around the world. Graham is passionate about leveraging better experience design in digital platforms that delight learners and make organizations more effective.  A serial entrepreneur and innovator, Graham took his university lectures on training dynamics to high-technology organizations, then launched a series of companies culminating in CYPHER Learning, whose platforms are used today by more than 20,000 organizations. He’s written multiple books and speaks internationally on the case for better learning systems in the 21st century.

      Nabeel Ahmad, Ph.D. is co-founder of, an AI-powered consulting firm and data analysis platform that monitors sentiment in real-time. He teaches at Columbia University in human capital management topics on organizational learning strategy, digital HR and the digital workplace.  Nabeel authors the Four Minute University, where he shares actionable tips to learn better, using best practices and evidence-based approaches.

      Yelena Mammadova, Ed.D. is a Learning and Talent Development Practitioner based in New York.  With a focus on human-centered design, Yelena is passionate about using advanced learning technologies to unlock human potential and transform organizations towards a skills-focused future. Yelena is a researcher in AI-enabled talent and learning practices and strives to bring innovation to the learning & talent development domains. Currently, Yelena is the Associate Director of Learning at McKinsey & Company, where she is driving a skills strategy where skills are embedded in people practices, including skills assessments, credentialing, and skills matching – and doing so by unleashing the power of AI.  Previously, she held senior learning and development positions at Amazon, Coinbase, Colgate-Palmolive, and other organizations.

      Jason Gulya, Ph.D. is a Professor of English at Berkeley College who teaches a variety of onsite and online courses on reading and writing, Literature, and the humanities. His current focus is on harnessing the power of AI to (a) enhance student learning, (b) save faculty members and professionals valuable time, and (c) prioritize critical thinking. Jason also works as a ChatGPT and AI consultant for colleges and corporations.


    • ·       Graham Glass, MS
    • ·       Nabeel Ahmad, Ph.D.
    • ·       Yelena Mammadova
    • ·       Jason Gulya, Ph.D.

    Webinar Registration

    • A link to attend the webinar will be included in your registration confirmation email.

    • Wednesday, July 26, 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
    • Via Zoom (Link provided to registrants.)

    Using the Extended DISC Model to Build and Manage Great Teams

    WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 2023
    6:00 - 7:15pm

    Dr. Travis Kahle

    Experienced Higher Education Professional in 
    Innovation, Leadership, and Career Services

    ATD  West Virginia is proud to participate in the ATD Regional Webinar Series.

    This collaboration of 8 ATD chapters (including West Virginia, Central PA, Greater Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island, & New York City.) is bringing together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content. 

    We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2023!

    About This Event

    Building an effective team is both art and science, but it shouldn’t be a mystery. Using the Extended DISC model as a guide, Dr. Travis Kahle will explore how colleagues with different personality and behavioral tendencies can complement each other and thrive. Everyone has a unique personality, but years of research has shown that people generally fall into one of four primary categories- dominance (D -style), influence (I-style), steadiness (S-style), or correctness (C-style). While conflict at work is inevitable, there is a difference between healthy and destructive conflict. By acknowledging and understanding the four major personality styles, destructive conflict can often be managed or avoided altogether.

    In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify the DISC styles and how to communicate effectively with individuals in each category. Participants will also discuss how to leverage diverse personalities to build effective and productive teams.

    About Our Presenter:  


    Experienced Higher Education Professional in Innovation, Leadership, and Career Services

    Dr. Travis Kahle, Doctor of Executive Leadership, is the Director of the Innovation Center at the University of Charleston, one of the leading education and resource providers for innovation in Appalachia. Travis manages the Innovation Scholar program and the i3 Innovation Showcase, the largest collegiate innovation competition in West Virginia. Previously, Travis served as the Executive Director for Career Services at West Virginia State University and Director of the Center for Career Development at the University of Charleston. Travis earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Indiana University and his MBA from the University of Kentucky. He obtained his Doctor of Executive Leadership from the University of Charleston, where he studied the impact of forgiveness on leadership and Positive Leadership Theory in the context of state legislatures.

    Travis is a certified facilitator in Lego Serious Play methodology, the EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment, and the Extended DiSC behavioral assessment. He is the co-owner of 5 String Leadership, a publisher and consultancy. Travis is an avid fan of bluegrass and gospel music, and the former banjo player for the group Mountain Shadows.

    Travis resides in his hometown of Wayne, WV with his wife, Kim. They enjoy traveling together and share their adventures at They’re also amateur beekeepers and “fur parents” to three dogs (Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle) and three cats (Teaze, Cole, and Bandit).

    Webinar Registration

    • A link to attend the webinar will be included in your registration confirmation email.

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