What is Power Membership?

ATD membership provides the tools you need for success. Chapter membership applies those tools to you organization and community. Together, you are a Power Member! When you join your chapter and ATD, you choose to be knowledgeable leaders in the talent development profession and change makers in your own backyard. Joint membership offers learning professionals a unique opportunity to connect with local, national, and international professionals. Joint members can learn about trends in the field and gain access to research, principles, practices, and templates they can apply directly to impacting organizational results, their community, and advancing their career. 

Why Join? 

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is the world's largest association dedicated to the talent development profession. ATD members come from more than 120 countries and work in public and private organizations in every industry sector. 

Through Power Membership, you receive access to ATD's industry leading content, career-advancing educational programs, and publications from the field's leading authors and thought leaders. Review the chart below for a comprehensive list of member benefits. 

How to Join? 

Version 1:

Current members of ATD chapters may join ATD for a special annual Power Member rate by using your chapter's Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) code. Chapter members joining ATD will save $30 on membership and receive Professional Membership for $249, and Professional Plus Membership for $409

To join ATD and become a Power Member, visit and select your preferred membership level. To receive special pricing on your ATD membership dues, make sure to select you chapter's ChIP code [CH3069] at checkout. 

Version 2:

To join ATD and become a Power Member, visit ATD's membership page to purchase your chapter and ATD membership with one payment. 

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